A Story Made of Time

A Story Made of Time
A very special shoutout this week: Our dear friend Olindo a.k.a. @mr.clockwise has been working his butt off to build a community and a library of new, upcoming and exciting sounds in electronic music. ️ This unique SoundCloud page helps die-hard music fans to discover more about music, as Olindo brings together different genres of House / Techno / Electronic music. He really manages to capture those unforgettable moments where you hear a crazy new record (ID) for the first time, and just can’t stop thinking about it!!!


“A clock keeping the record of time in the history of music and sound; spreading love, peace and understanding through every time-living being.” – A STORY MADE OF TIME


Gingerbread Groove are based in the UK and Olindo lives in Madrid… so how did we cross paths you may ask? Well.. the answer is… MUSIC. We share a passion for many producers, DJs and styles of electronic music. Each week, we tune in to Kryteria radio: a weekly 1 hour House Music mix, hosted by the groove master himself, Kryder @krydermusic. During the Facebook livestream, fans of the music can comment and chat about anything they like. This fantastic radio show gave us the opportunity to meet and chat with many like-minded music lovers, and of course, we met the musical wizard Olindo. This guy is like a walking, talking Shazam! Play him a track and he’ll probably know what it is!!


Here’s a few words from Olindo, ‘The Time Handler’ of A Story Made in Time, and what’s he’s looking to achieve with this awesome project:


What is it that you do at A Story Made of Time?


“I like to see myself as a music lover, since inside of my whole being, there’s this hunger to always discover new tracks, it doesn’t matter the genre, something inside of me comes out, and asks me to look for more, to feel more, to find more emotions in every track. Listening to new music everyday is one of my ways to find myself. In each song I find, there’s a feeling, a meaning, an emotion, music helps, its gives you the necessary tools to build emotions, it creates the story of your own story, it’s all of the books of your story, in a temporal frequency-filled, and on each one of those frequencies and harmonics, you can find different parts of yourself, and, on that same path, you will find people who is walking that road, or leading to others, but always looking to find their truth on it. I just look for music, and i love the path, that’s all i do.”





What goals are you working towards?


“With this project, i just want to get to know people, make friends, get to know other people’s reality and their ideas, i want to see how they create, how they bring something of their own into this world, and if possible, give them all the help I can on everything they need. I have made so much friends on the last months, and I’m so thankful to them, because they’ve taught me different things with each one of their ideas. I just want to spread music, share it, and, if possible, one day, get a physical place in which i can invite creators and friends all around the globe to share their art.”


What made you want to start?


“I felt the need, it just came like an idea two years ago. I really wanted to do something, since I’ve been loving the dance scene for a while already. I started to learn about music production about 4 years ago, and all the creation process, mixing, mastering, etc, and I’m still on it sometimes, since i really love sound itself as an art and as a science, but it’s not my main purpose. What really fires up my heart, is that need to discover, help, to love music itself with everything I’ve got, to feel it everyday, to spread it across the globe, and, of course, the most important thing, to make friends because of it. Thanks to everyone of you guys, you don’t know how wonderful you’ve made my life.”


Check out this fantastic project at www.soundcloud.com/astorymadeoftime. There you will find extensive coverage of ADE 2017 and some of the biggest and most exciting IDs from the week.  There’s playlists dedicated to specific festivals, events and performances from the biggest names in dance music. The page itself always stays loyal to its dynamic and edgy black and white colour scheme, with each track / sample / rip / ID having their own unique, crazy-looking artwork. In a short space of time, Olindo has become well respected within the dance music community and we’re all really excited to see where this project goes.





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