Aurora Music events | 18th Nov | Buce Records | Hangar 34 | TNY & LUQ Interview.

Aurora Music events | 18th Nov | Buce Records | Hangar 34 | TNY & LUQ Interview.

Aurora Music events | 18th Nov | Buce Records | Hangar 34

Since their rise to stardom, Dimitri Vangelis & Wyman have been key players in the electronic music scene, bringing their fresh and infectious styles of progressive house to mainstages all over the world. This Swedish duo are well known for bringing those euphoric build ups and thunderous basslines, with releases on huge labels such as S-ZE and Spinnin’. With epic tracks like ‘Payback’ with Steve Angello, ‘ID2’ and ‘Daylight’ with Yves V, it seems the Swedish superstars can do no wrong. In 2014, the pair started their own imprint label BUCE Records. This has allowed them to showcase the very best of their unique and uplifting style of Progressive House music, releasing unforgettable songs like ’Empire’ – Dimitri Vangelis & Wyamn, Tom Staar and ‘Legacy’ – Dimitri Vangelis & Wyman. We are very excited to announce that BUCE Records are going to be hosting their first ever label night this month, thanks to Aurora Events. Hangar 34, Liverpool, will play host to a stacked line-up, with some of the best in the business all coming together to celebrate and perform on what is sure to be an epic night. Vangelis & Wyman will be putting on an incredible show for their special event, with support from Corey James, Thomas Feelman, TNY & LUQ, GVN and Tom Booth. We are going to be covering this event on the night, showing our love and appreciation for all of the producers and their incredible groovy beats.


With all that said, here’s a bit of background info on all the artists playing, including some of their recent and most popular tracks to date…

Dimitry Vangelis & Wyman

The main men of the night Vangelis & Wyman, will with no doubt bring heaps of prog-house vibes to their set, as the night’s energy peaks and the party really gets under way. Aside from their music these guys are hilarious, and so down to earth. We were lucky enough to chat with them backstage at A Summer Story this year after watching their set, and after Ginge managed to snatch herself a BUCE Snapback that was thrown out to the mainstage crowd. Of course, the track we have to mention on behalf of this Swedish-Greek duo is their much -anticipated release ‘Legacy’ earlier this year. This song encapsulates their signature progressive build-up, breaking down with an uplifting piano melody and slowly builds back up with a trap drum pattern.

Buy here: Dimitri Vangelis & Wyman – Legacy


Corey James

Now onto one of our favourite producers at the moment, and recently signed to Steve Angello’s legendary SIZE Records, it’s Corey James. This rising star has blown up massively in the industry this past year, from a monthly residency at the renowned crazy club night MEDICATION in Liverpool, to playing at some huge festivals like Balaton Sound, Creamfields and ADE. It’s no surprise that Corey’s music has quickly spread across the globe, after releasing on some huge records labels the past few years, his dedication and determination has generated support from big names such as Kryder, Tiesto, Garrix and of course Steve Angello. Echoing the original sounds of Angello himself, Corey’s latest release epitomises his progressive style, with euphoric elements this track reflects and rejoices his abilities and progression in the electronic scene. Check out Corey James ft. HENKO – Back in Time here:

Buy here: Corey James ft. HENKO – Back In Time

Thomas Feelman

Adding to this juicy line up is French producer Thomas Palcoux aka Thomas Feelman. Releasing on the likes of SIZE Records, Fonk Recordings, Sosumi, Armada, Flamingo, and Guru, Feelman constantly fills the dancefloors with his hard-hitting progressive house tracks. Apparently, his love for electronic music began at the very early age of just 6 years old (baby raver), but Feelman didn’t want to just listen to music, he wanted to create it and as such he began producing at the young age of 14. Five years later, in 2011 ‘Thomas Feelman’ surfaced and with some pumping baselines, his tracks have generated support from the likes of Kryder, Dannic, Angello, Tiesto and Axwell. How would you feel if your latest track was dropped on the Mainstage at Tomorrowland? Ecstatic, we presume! Well that is exactly what happened, as Steve Angello set the stage alight with waves of lasers, captivating light shows, and the thunderous baseline of Thomas Feelman, Teamworx & STV’s new production – Never Stop.

Buy here: Thomas Feelman, Teamwork & STV – Never Stop


GVN (+/-Lee Carter)

Also ready to rock up on the decks this Saturday is Irish born producer Gavin Brown aka GVN. After perusing his social media, GVN’s to the point statement says it all, “I love to make music.”. Well Gavin, we love listening to it. Together with Lee Carter, the pair have created some excellent collaborations, such as their latest release Toxic on Free Music Recordings. The pair were planned to play B2B on the BUCE night, however sadly Lee Carter can no longer attend (cry face) – so in Lee’s honour we urge you to go listen to his disco infused house track, Swing. Honestly, we can’t stress enough how sick this track is, it’s chilled, it’s funky, and you can’t help but smile when you listen.

Tom Booth

Getting the crowd fired up at the beginning of the night is 19-year-old, UK DJ and producer Tom Booth. Former resident at Layr, and upcoming DJ for the newly found Dirtysounds, Tom booth holds a lot of promise in the music industry. Having released Arikara on Sphire records earlier this year, Tom later went on to produce a track that we as HUGE groove supporters love – Los Trompeta! This release encompasses everything we love about the groove movement, tons of trumpets and a funky baseline that gets your shoulders rolling.




Ready to support Dimitri Vangelis and Wyman’s first ever BUCE Records night are the rising stars themselves TNY & LUQ. Following a sting of massive progressive releases such as ‘Dreams’ on Arcadia and ‘Epiphany’ & ‘Gloria’ on Arise Records, this duo is ready to take the stage on Saturday.


GingerBreadGroove managed to catch up with TNY &LIQ before the BUCE Records night, so less from us and over the two blokes, who we know are destined for big things. Here’s what they had to say:


How did TNY meet LUQ, and how did you start producing together?

We both met each other in year 8 in high school, but back then honestly, we both really didn’t have any type of interest within dance music itself. It wasn’t until around 2013-14 when we really got interested. In 2013/ 2014 we both went to our first festival, Creamfields’13 for TNY and EDC’14 for LUQ. Within that year we both ventured to other dance events such as Steve Angello @ Warehouse Project in 2013, Hardwell at Victoria Warehouse in 2014, and a few other Viccy Warehouse nights. Attending these events combined with the feeling we both got from watching the DJ’s perform to thousands of people and seeing everyone loving life so much, it became an obvious career path for us both. So, we decided to give it shot, we would try to learn how to produce and to DJ. Obviously having known each other well enough for so long, as well as having the same passion for music it was an easy decision… we would do it together.


We love your new track Aurora, tell us about it, where did Aurora come from?

Aurora really came from wanting to create something like Third Party’s ‘Start It’ – with that heavier style drop compared to what we normally try. However, throughout the process of making the track we felt as though it was a little empty, at which point we decided to add the softer progressive melody. We always aspire to incorporate some sort of emotion within our tracks, to make people happy. By completely changing the second drop around we both believe we manage to encompass that emotion, and we’re very happy with how it turned out. We really hope everyone who listens to the track enjoys it as much as we do!


Who inspires you in the music industry, past and present, and why?

Our biggest inspirations ermmm… there’s so many…

[TNY] For me, it has always been the likes of Steve Angello, Dimitri Vangelis & Wyman (The progressive kings) and third party. Steve Angello was the main person who got me into music, he was the first person I saw live when I got dragged into a tent at Creamfields 2013. I was right at the front and he gestured the ‘S’ sign with his hands, at this point, I completely lost it, hahaha.

[LUQ] Yeah for me, it was very similar to Tony, I love the progressive guys; Third Party, Steve Angello, and Vangelis & Wyman. However another guy I look up to a lot would be Axwell. For me these guys really set the standard for progressive house music.


We’re both super excited about the Aurora presents night, how did it come about?

Aurora came about through friends, friends who enjoy music and collaborating to form something we hope will be huge one day. We’re pretty sure it will be. It’s great for us to have an input to something we love doing, and we’d both like to say a huge thanks to Jay, Ell and Matty for making it happen.


How does it feel to know you’ll be performing alongside Corey James and DV&W?

[TNY] Knowing we will be supporting the likes of Dimitri Vangelis & Wyman is massive, it’s huge for any upcoming artist. But I think it’s especially special for us because they have been the inspiration behind everything we have achieved so far, and they will continue to be so in the future.

[LUQ] It’s a huge step in our career and for both of us it feels very surreal. From watching these guys together in the Size tent and looking up to them, to suddenly be supporting them at their own label night is probably the best thing to happen to us so far.


A lot of artists have changed the scene with their music style, is there any specific concept or style you’d like to convey to your audience?

[TNY] Progressive house… it’s that simple one track at a time, I think we can help push it back to what it once was. It seems as though a lot of people have gone down the techno route in 2017. I mean, of course we love Techno, but this music industry seems to be a popularity contest most of the time and we are just going to ‘do us’. We want to bring to our audience something special and something different. We’ve experienced festivals and events where the DJ’s love to play the same set and sadly it can put you off seeing them again, haha. We don’t want that to happen.

[LUQ] We want to make music we love and we want to keep to our roots, which is of course, progressive house. Personally, with progressive house I feel as though you can really interact with the crowd through the right melody’s and vocals etc. It really sparks that happy feeling amongst the crowd.


What does TNY and LUQ have instore for 2018?

2018… well we believe in some sense 2017 was a sort of foundation year for us.  We plucked up some huge support from big name likes Tiesto, Nervo & YVES V, just to name a few. But 2018 is the big one for us, we know what we need to do, we’re both going to strive for that and it will happen one way or another. One thing we’ve always said is you need something different, we know it’s about the music, however we want to use our voices to help change it up a little too. We want to bring something different to 2018 and make everyone want some more of ‘TNY & LUQ’.

Check out their latest tracks/ any updates on their social media:

To say we’re excited about this night, is an understatement. We’ve been waiting for it for months, plus it’s Ginge’s birthday so what better way to celebrate.

Bring on Saturday.

– GBG over and out.



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