CYA – Interview

CYA – Interview

Since the release of their debut single ‘Mistakes‘ last year, everyone has been talking about the mysterious artist: CYA. This Spanish DJ Duo are bringing a new lease of life to Progressive House as we know it – with hard-hitting basslines and uplifting, euphoric melodies. It’s clear to see why they have been getting so much attention, with support from the likes of Steve Angello, Kryder, Pete Tong, Corey James and Third Party.

Their initial single on S I Z E Records sparked a fire in the music industry, and the lads went on to smash the festival circuit and club scene all summer – performing at Amnesia, Dreambeach Festival, and even the mighty Tomorrowland.  Aside from their original productions, CYA continue to show off their mad skills as prolific remixers, adding their own unique flavour to tracks from Highly Sedated, Spoiled & Zigo, CID and Clean Bandit.

Towards the end of 2017, CYA released their stunning remix of Grum and Josep’s ‘The Love You Feel’, on Above & Beyond’s label ‘AnujaBeats’. After cementing themselves as one of the most exciting prospects in Progressive House, we knew we wanted to hear more from the guys; get to know them both a bit, talk to them about their passion for music and what the can expect in the future. So, we did just that.




Hi guys, thanks so much for taking the time to speak with us! We are absolutely loving your recent remix of Grum & Josep’s track: The Love You Feel. What can you tell us about this special track and how it came to be?


The pleasure is ours! We’ve been huge fans of Anjuna and most of the songs of the label. Each artist that releases music on there has it’s own signature and that’s what makes it special. When we heard Grum’s original track we fell in love with the feeling and the vocals, so we accepted with no doubt and put our touch into the remix. We’re so happy with the result and we’re glad to have the same feedback with the label and the Anjunabeats family.



What were some of your earlier influences? Are there any artists who stick out in your mind when producing new and exciting music?


We believe everyone has influences, like it or not, we spend a lot of time listening to music, and it’s very good, as long as you identify yourself with it. But of course, we have our own idea of music and want to do something genuine and authentic.


Many people will know you for your incredible track ‘Mistakes’, released earlier this year on S-ZE Records. Even now, this is one of our favourite songs of 2017! How did it feel for you both, knowing that legends like Steve Angello and Pete Tong were supporting your music?


“Mistakes” is our first single, and the result of learning from the past few years in the music industry. You can always look for a proper sound or inspiration, but in the end, it’s the result of a mixture of things that makes you find the melody. And being a duo helps us to get the best out of it, as neither of us are satisfied till we achieve what we’re looking for. Before Pete Tong premiered the song on BBC, we didn’t promote our socials so much, and we knew that Pete played because some fans started to find our socials and wrote us. The reactions were amazing. We’re so happy to see how Steve Angello and other big names in the industry are playing our songs in front of thousands of people!.



You are both becoming very well known for your original productions and your fantastic remixes. Do you prefer creating a new piece of music from scratch, or putting a new spin on a track you already love?


It depends. For example, when we’re remixing we sit in the studio and think about what stems are the best to take. If we have vocals we usually take them and start to create something from there. But the ways to start depend on the feelings we have at that moment.


How do you prepare before performing to crowds at clubs and festivals?


We usually see the club or festival concept, the warm-up or the set before us and the reactions of the people who are in the venue.


On the subject of festivals, we know that you had had a pretty crazy summer last year, performing at places like Dreambeach, Ibiza and Tomorrowland. What have been the highlights for you over the past few months?


2017 was the starting point for CYA and we can’t be more proud of the beginning of this journey. To play at some festivals last summer and to create a fan-base that is growing and growing. Our first show was at Los Alamos in Spain and it was so good for us. People showed love to us for the first time and we enjoyed it a lot. Amnesia was a blast too. Tomorrowland it’s always special for every artist, maybe it’s the special one for this summer. Dreambeach and Delirium Mainstages were also amazing.  


CYA_Profile Picture


We know that you are performing in your home country this year, at A Summer Story festivalMany DJs and artists will adapt their musical styles to match the venue they play in. What is your idea of the perfect venue to play at, and why?


The perfect scene is to play at a venue that came to see you because of your music. That’s why we started this journey. We want to tell stories in our songs and we want to do the same in our sets.


We really loved your recent guest mix for Anujabeats! It gives us an awesome sneak-peek of what’s to come in the future. What can we expect to see from CYA in 2018?


We’re working on a lot of amazing stuff and plans with the MGMT and all the guys we’re with. Can’t wait to show you what’s coming!



For anyone wanting to get a bit more CYA in their life, you can see the guys perform at A Summer Story festival this summer, in Madrid. We will certainly be there.

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