Festival Friends

Festival Friends

This is post is all about friendship! (Cue appropriate GIF).

No, but seriously it is. You finally decide on a festival to attend, whether that’s based on the artist line up or the fact it’s world renowned and in that case, it’s a life experience that just can’t be missed. You pack your bags, gather the friends you’re going with, if any, and set off. However there’s one factor that you cannot plan, and that’s the new people you will ultimately bump into and the memories you will make together. It’s these people, along with those you already know, that will no doubt have a huge impact on your experience. You unknowingly cross paths and by the end of the weekend you’ve partied together, laughed endlessly, shared experiences and now they’ve become part of *your* life story. Oh and you’re now probably facebook friends too.

So in reality festivals are great, not only do you get to dance around like a loon to sick music for a few days, you also make a lot of friendships in the process. It’s these friendships that you tend not to forget, and it’s these friendships that can also open a lot of doors in the process.

Bringing this back home a little, we owe thanks to the this point and to Tomorrowland too, as otherwise Ginger and Bread would never have met (Okay, okay, cue the “Hah, gaaay again”).

The day our paths crossed, who knew what would happen two years later.


The picture above is Tomorrowland 2014, our first year. Ginge decided to travel solo and met up with a bunch of other solo travelers she met through a facebook group. Whereas Bread rocked up with his “party family”, which consisted of friends he had met through previous festivals, such as Electric Daisy Carnival London and Creamfields in 2013. See we told you its these friendships that impact most on your life.

Ginge has always said that 2014 was the most nerve wracking but most rewarding venture she has set herself on. At just 18, during her final college year she thought “f*uck it”, and instead of booking a regular holiday or just sitting at home over summer, she began researching Tomorrowland. Not knowing where to begin she took to facebook, discovered a Tomorrowland Rookies group, and after months of talking to strangers on there she secured a ticket (Sorry mom, you always told me not to talk to strangers, but look at me now!). In July of that year, the group organised to meet up in London before all heading to the festival together.

“That was it really, all it took was a pinch of courage, a hello, a smile and now I have some of the best friends I could ask for”. 

Looking back, we both agree that our festival friends are some of the most awesome friends we could ask for. This is not just because we share a mutual love for the same funky beats, but because each person we bump into has their own crazy story you just wouldn’t expect. After keeping in contact with many we now have friends all over the globe, which makes travelling to new places so much more fun when you know someone there!!

With that in mind, we would like to dedicate this “Groovers” page to you – the awesome people we meet/ have met on our adventures!


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