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    White colored kraft paper

    Typically utilized to make white kraft paper hand bags or another vibrant kraft paper bags when dyed, focusing on storing high-class and chic merchandise in garments and aesthetic merchants, …

    Accustomed to store dried up foods likebread and nuts, cereals

    Dark brown kraft paper

    Light brown kraft paper is utilized far more extensively due to its friendly colors and fewer dirty, like:

    Utilized to produce all kinds of packing such asbags and envelopes, covering paper, upholster, …

    Higher-top quality, thick paper is used to make brand cards, clothes labels.

    Some varieties are utilized as envelopes, submit handles, etc.

    Recycle into all kinds of college paper, paper for cartons, …

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    We are the deal with dedicated to the supply and production of high-good quality PP and paper products shipped in from your US, Russia and Japan Finland… with over a decade of experience in the wholesale enterprise. offering Kraft paper merchandise utilized to make cement luggage, couche, duplex, ivory paper.

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