Mysteryland Madness

Mysteryland Madness

Dressing up as a kid was always so much fun, you could be your favourite character, and imitate whoever you wanted to be. So, why stop there? It seem’s that festivals are THE perfect place to carry on that enjoyable tradition. But dressing up doesn’t always mean wearing comical costumes, it’s also a way to wear something bigger, bolder and more colourful than what you would in everyday life. (Personally I’d love to wear sparkles and space buns to work, but apparently it’s not allowed…)

As we wandered around the Lands of Mystery, we were really impressed with the amount of effort some individuals had put into their attire. From a heard of majestic inflatable unicorns to girls with glittery two pieces, Mysteryland was awash with spectacular festival fashion.

Whether you’re here to gawp at gorgeous garms or pinch some inspo, we have you covered!

A huge thanks goes out to all those festie-folk who didn’t run away when we asked if we could grab a quick snap of them, but instead struck a sassy pose!

Ponies and Parasols

JUST WOW: As we wandered down a quiet path from one stage to the other, we bumped into these two extraordinary ladies. Let’s just say their outfits were anything but quiet themselves. From coordinating the colours of their skirts, tops, wigs and parasols to the tiny detailing of the glitter in their PVC skirts which matched onto their faces, these girls rocked it.

We have to give it to them, these are some of the best handmade outfits we have seen on our travels.

Kudo’s to their blokey friend in the middle, who tried his best last minute!


Flags, Florals, Fisnets, Flair.

Introducing three gorgeous girls, from left to right we have Aylin, Anisa and Laura!

We all know the struggles of trying to find the perfect festival outfit to wear, but these three smashed it.
Laura’s white frayed shorts and floral crop, compliment her golden locks and sunnies perfectly. In the middle,  Anisa slays one of my favourite looks this summer, shorts and fishnets. Sadly we couldn’t quite capture the pièce de résistance of her outfit, that being her fluffy ‘Despicable Me’ Unicorn backpack Patricia (Yes, she has a name. She also has an instagram @partyw.patricia). Finally, on the left we have the beautiful Aylin who rocks a sheer metallic crop with black bralet and Lennon inspired sun glasses.

NOTICE: All three are wearing comfy footwear. Comfy footwear = Happy festival feet. What’s worse than putting up with blisters and sore tootsies for up to 10 hours a day?




Bubble babes!

Introducing Iris and Larissa from the Netherlands.  Where to start with these two, the fact they both have fabulous floral headbands, the snazzy dip dye hair or that they have bubble blowers!?

During the juicy sounds of Benny Rodrigues, Bread and I happily danced around our inflatable cup holders (as if they were some sort of magical totem), when we suddenly noticed bubbles floating past. Immediately we turned around and there stood Iris and Larissa, both girls were absolutely lovely and of course they had on matching festival attire. What emanates festival vibes more than flowers and floral patterns!?




Magical MysteryMonkey.

How could we not include our Mysteryland mascot, Malcolm the MsyteryMonkey* (wow that’s a lot of M’s). Our forever high fiving friend brought endless amounts of joy, not only us, but to many other festival attendees on the Sunday. Here we see Malcolm at the Mainstage, flaunting an official Mysteryland short sleeve tee in size XL. Opting for the oversized look, we feel he pulls it off tremendously well.

P.s. The Cartel Hat + Black Cartel Scarf = Winning Combo (If you know, you know)

*R.I.P Malcolm (August 2017 – August 2017) – You took that cigarette to the face like a champ, forever in our hearts.



Where are the rhinestones?

If you haven’t seen any photos of Mysteryland yet, you may not know that there is a giant hill in the middle of the festival, known as “Big Spotters Hill”. If you have seen it, you will know that A) it is very high and B) it has a stupid amount of steep steps. However, once at the top, the views of the festival grounds are stunning. This year, once Bread and I had literally crawled our way to the summit, we were greeted by these two colourful fellows, who were both working for the Milkshake presents stage. Those glittery guns and that feathery flamingo really added to the atmosphere and of course we couldn’t not grab a quick snap with them, those outfits are crazy.



Mind your eyes, we went full NEON.

FINALLY. On the first day, Mysteryland opens up a tiny section of the festival to its happy campers, which of course opens up an opportunity for us to dress up again! This colourful image was captured by a Mysteryland photographer, as we cracked open a few (warm) beers, and drank them out of our comical inflatable cup holders.

There is a tiny secret behind this image however…

It’s pretty evident from our posts that we do enjoy getting into character, and this time was no different. Prior to leaving for Holland we planned to party the first night away as 80’s workout instructors, complete with neon sweatbands and flashing LED visor. It was only when our costumes arrived that we realised that Ginge’s was WAY to big, and Bread’s was rather tight. Did that stop us? Nope. We arrived, we switched outfits and we rocked them.



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